We and Your Playlist

With a headphone splitter (device that allows two people to listen to the same audio source, on two different headphones), I will ask people out in the street who are listening to headphones, if I can “join them” in listening to their music.


Because of the headphone chord, I join them in their activity…whether walking to their destination, waiting for the bus, etc. However, I’ll only stay in the street. When their bus arrives, we part ways. When we arrive to their destination, we part ways.


Our comfort in public often depends on our ability to keep to ourselves and to maintain invisible bubbles around ourselves as we navigate through what has become a fractured, often hostile public space. "We and Your Playlist" is a reclamation of the public space, through a direct interaction amongst strangers—guest/host—presented as a series of encounters/accompaniments. Notions of personal and public, strange and intimate are confounded, providing for both the host (public) and guest (me) a novel, uncanny and liminal ritual for two strangers, in public, yet within their private space—shifting the emotional tone of the rest of their day.